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    Posted on Apr 1, 2014

    25 Struggles Only Yo-Yo Dieters Will Truly Understand

    Atkins. Check. South Beach. Check. Keto. Checkcheckcheckcheck.

    1. You can instantly tell the date of old photos from your waist-to-hip ratio.

    2. This information no longer shocks you.

    Flickr: thenext28days / Creative Commons

    In fact, whenever you see this photo anywhere, you just nod wisely. You know, like you're doing right now.

    3. You own so many different-sized clothes that your wardrobe looks like an ineptly stocked branch of H&M.

    Buena Vista /

    4. And because you're never really one size for very long, everything you own is a sale item.

    Flickr: comicbase / Creative Commons

    5. Which gives you a very unique, um, style.

    Flickr: jannem / Creative Commons

    6. You know every restaurant in town that serves salad, and have committed all three of their menus to memory.

    Flickr: 65101934@N00 / Creative Commons

    7. You know what these words mean: Glycogen. Shirakati noodles. Raspberry ketones. / Creative Commons

    This information is of no use to anyone but you.

    8. Yo-yo dieting changes your appearance so often that you're used to people not recognising you in the street.

    Warner Bros. /

    9. And you look nothing like your passport photo.

    10. Amazon has stopped recommending actual literature, and now just shows you books with "eat" in the title.

    It's as though it's trying to tell you something.

    11. But the main reason you own a Kindle is so that no one on the train can judge you for reading Skinny Bitch.

    12. ...again. / Creative Commons

    13. You've tried pretty much every diet out there, but when you find a new one, it's a little like falling in love.

    14. And you learn as much as you can about it.

    15. Mainly so that you can break its rules.

    Flickr: 21222360@N02 / Creative Commons
    Flickr: lonesome1 / Creative Commons

    Yeah, take that, the system!

    16. You're so diet brainwashed that, even when you're not dieting, you still have sex dreams about pizza.

    Warner Bros. /

    Oh, pizza.


    17. Your friends hate it when you talk about your diet.

    18. And sometimes you feel a little bad about being this person.

    Nataliya Hora / Shutterstock / Robyn Wilder

    19. When you used to be this person.

    (At least, that's what you tell yourself.)

    20. But! If one of your friends wants to lose a little weight, who do they come to?

    FOX /

    21. Because you can see the carb and fat content in food in exactly the way Neo can see the code behind the world in The Matrix.

    Warner Bros. /
    Warner Bros. /

    22. Because you can make delicious, carb-free cauliflower mash with your eyes closed.

    Flickr: 21541381@N08 / Creative Commons

    23. Because you'll know exactly the right thing to do, and say.

    BBC /

    24. And because you can help them make lifestyle changes, get motivated, and lose weight the right way.

    25. And look! Suddenly you're this person again.


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