Watch This Tiny Dog Faint From Happiness When She Sees Her Owner After Two Years

It’s OK, Casey the schnauzer is fine now.

1. This is Casey the schnauzer being reunited with her owner, Rebecca Ehalt, after two years apart.

Rebecca Ehalt /

2. You can’t hear this in the GIF, but Casey is squealing unstoppably.

Rebecca Ehalt /

3. In fact, Casey is so excited about seeing her owner that, briefly, she passes out.

Rebecca Ehalt /

4. Then she regains consciousness, goes a bit wobbly, and almost succeeds in styling it out.

Rebecca Ehalt /

5. Ehalt took Casey to the vet, who gave the dog a clean bill of health. “Everything is fine with her,” Ehalt reports on her YouTube video. “No worries.”

Rebecca Ehalt /

6. Ehalt had been living and working in Slovenia while Casey stayed in Pennsylvania for the past two years. Or, as Ehalt points out, “14 dog years”.

Rebecca Ehalt /

7. Watch the whole video (complete with squealing) here. Maybe get some tissues ready.

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