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    These People Tried To Fit A Sofa Into A Tiny Car And It Went Pretty Much As You'd Expect

    Can't fit, won't fit.

    Hey, how many three-seater sofas can you fit into a tiny car?


    What if you try a different angle?

    Nope, still none.

    What if one person takes off all the sofa cushions while the other rings Dr Stephen Hawking to see if he can bend the laws of physics?

    Yeah, still no. / Facebook: graeme.longden / Via Facebook: SpottedGrimsbyUK

    Never mind. Thanks Graeme Longden for teaching us this important lesson.

    Watch the whole effort here.

    View this video on YouTube

    We originally said this car was a Ford Fiesta, and a few people have pointed out that it wasn't. Thanks, those people!

    Graeme Longden was behind this amazing video!

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