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    26 Questions Mixed-Race People Are Really Very Tired Of Hearing

    No, I will not love you long time.

    NB: This may also apply to all sorts of other humans, including ethnic minorities, single-race people, and otherkin.

    1. "Where are you from?"

    2. "No, where are you from really?"

    ALTERNATIVELY: Nope, I'm still from Swindon.

    3. "No, I mean where are you from originally?"

    4. "No, look, where are your parents from?"

    5. "Are you sure?"

    6. "Are you sure you're not Arabic?"

    7. "That's basically the same country, though, right?"

    ... Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ...

    ... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmno.

    8. "So, how white are you?"

    9. "What are you?"

    10. "I bet you just love this heat, right?"

    11. "So, will your parents pick your husband for you?"

    12. "Are you the cleaner?"

    13. "Do you wipe your bottom with your left hand?"

    14. "How come you act white?"

    15. "Why do you talk black?"

    16. "How come you speak English so well?"

    17. "Is this OK in your culture?"

    18. "Namaste/Kaabo/Hola. Did I say that right?"

    19. "How do you say my name in your language?"

    20. "What's a nice Greek girl like you doing in this neighbourhood?"

    21. "Why don't you just pick a side?"

    22. "Is it true what they say about black men?"

    23. "I can't pronounce that. Do you mind if I call you Mike?"

    24. "How many children do you have?"

    25. "That's not racist, right?"

    Well, as a person of mixed race, I have been named the definitive arbiter of all things race-related by the U.N., so let me deliberate on this for a moment.

    After some deliberation...

    And finally...

    26. "Can I touch your hair?"