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Dogecoin Is Officially Going To NASCAR In This Pimped-Out Dogemobile

So fast. Much vroom. Wow.

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Yep, it's true. The internet's Dogecoin community raised 60 million Doge ($55,000 USD) to fund this fully-pimped, Doge-flavoured race car. / Caphits

The car is called the 'Moonrocket' and it will be competing at the Talladega Superspeedway on 4 May 2014. / Caphits

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin and the famous “doge” meme featuring a placid yet baffled Shiba Inu.

The community that formed around Dogecoin previously raised funds for a Jamaican Olympic bobsleigh team, as well as sustainability projects in Kenya.

Shaun Botterill /Allsport

Professional NASCAR driver Josh Wise, who will be racing the Dogecar, started an Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit, where most of the Dogecoin contributions originated. / Caphits

Here are some very important questions he was asked.

So what's next for Dogecoin? Well, the detailing on the back of the car includes a hint. / Caphits