28 Pictures That Will Make You Go "Huh, Interesting"

    There is a subreddit for mildly interesting photographs. Here is a mildly interesting selection.

    1. The time someone got a Kit Kat that was solid chocolate all the way through.

    2. These two trees that somehow share one branch.

    3. This grasshopper on a windshield that looks like a giant bug about to destroy humanity.

    4. This person's fingers that have never developed wrinkles because they can't be bent.

    5. The uniformity of these soap bubbles.

    6. The time someone had to enter a CAPTCHA code, and this happened.

    7. This deer made of ice and leaves.

    8. This picture, which reveals its optical illusion in a mirror.

    9. The time some blue flowers and some pink flowers just... merged.

    10. The sunlight hitting this toilet bowl at an angle that gives it a magical, mystical toilet-glow.

    11. The fateful day the gods of Scrabble dealt someone this terrible hand.

    12. Probably one of the, like, top 20 most beautiful hand-drawn brackets you will ever see.

    13. The discovery that Tic Tac boxes come with special Tic Tac-holders.

    14. This imprint that was left after someone was buried in sand.

    15. The trails left by this bug just messing around under the skin of a courgette.

    16. This headless stalk-person dancing on a tomato.

    17. These clouds that look like waves.

    18. Is this tree actually made of... bricks?

    19. This lyrical sign in Beijing's Olympic Park.

    20. The time the wind used a leaf to draw perfect circles in the snow.


    22. This packet of shoelaces, whose illustration only shows shoes which don't require shoelaces.

    23. These ash-covered spider webs.

    24. This ivy on the side of a building that's grown into the shape of a tree.

    25. This curious triangular lift.

    26. This subway support beam that's covered in over 10 layers of paint.

    27. White paint mixed with black paint on a palette to make a lovely little forest.

    28. This tree that's flipping you off.