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    25 Photographs That Are Totally Lying To You

    From the Sub-Reddit Illusionporn.

    1. Look! The dinosaurs are back, and they're ADORABLE. Here's a miniature Brontosaurus. /

    LIES. It's just an insect.

    2. Did you hear about the headless teaching assistant? /

    LIES. He's just wearing a grey hat.

    3. What's this? Just a potato, right? /

    LIES. It's a rock that looks like a potato. Presumably because potatoes have no natural predators, and rocks have loads.

    4. OMG! Is this dog disappearing into this rug?

    5. Oh, look! This cyclist's front wheel is the London Eye. /


    6. This girl is just smoking a doobie in public like it's no big thing. /

    LIES. This fine upstanding young woman is just supping a drink through a straw.

    7. Look at these four colourful pictures! /

    LIES. It's all just one photo.

    8. Does the woman on the right have a giant head and tiny body? /

    No, it is literally the way she's standing.

    9. Is this a violin having a nice lie-down in some water? /

    No. No it isn't.

    10. Presenting the world's first cat with transparent ears!

    11. Look at this enormous spider that died in someone's street. :( /

    It's okay, it's just a regular-sized spider stuck to a window (I hope).

    12. Look at this fine head of snow-white hair. /

    Doesn't belong to the basketball player, though.

    13. Awwww... woah.

    14. Is this an advert for hand-shaped bras? /

    Nope, blueberries.

    15. Is the owner of the bum on the left pinching the bum on the right? /

    No, it isn't.

    16. Are these women as attractive as you think they are? /

    View the image upside-down to learn that IT'S ALL LIES.

    17. Is this a fancy couple having a passionate snog? /

    Nope, it's just one person having a bit of a scratch.

    18. Check out this super-flexible gymnast dude! /

    Woah. Wait. What?

    19. Is this dog giving you a thumbs-up? /

    I'm afraid not :(

    20. Look at this very brave giant ant squaring off against this helicopter on top of a skyscraper.

    NOPE. Regular-sized ant on a cup with a helicopter in the background.

    21. Here is a three-legged girl! /

    She only has TWO LEGS! It's all lies!

    22. Does this girl have a horn in her parting?

    23. Look at this cool, dark lake on a hot day. /

    WRONG. That is a wall.

    24. Is this woman wading in the sea? /

    No, she's just wearing a sand-coloured skirt.

    25. Finally, is this tea strainer disappointed in you? /

    Well, maybe.

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