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31 Pets Who Take Derp To A Whole New Level

These derps are 75% dog.

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1. First, an explanation of sorts.

2. And now, the derps. Here's a derpy dog.

3. Here's a derpy kitten.

4. Here's Groundhog Derp.

5. "What tongue?"

6. "Seriously, what tongue?"


8. KING OF DERP, here.

9. Paranormal derptivity.

10. Derpaholics Anonymous :(

11. "I solemnly swear I am up to no derp."

12. One derp to derp them all.

13. This outdoorsy derp.

14. The derps, and the derp-nots.

15. This derpy cat with a tail.

16. This cat with a derpy secret.

17. This cat who is deeply troubled by that other cat's derpy secret.

18. Brother-Cousin Billy-Jo Derp.

19. Spontaneous G-force derp.

20. "DARP."


22. Derp Vader.

23. Jabba the Derp.

24. Full-swing derp.

25. Derpvid Blaine.

26. "Please sir, may I have some derp?"

27. Cristiano Ronalderp.

28. Elvis.

29. This cat, who's so derp he can't even derp any derp.

30. The rare Derpus Arcticus.

31. Aaaaaaaand this chap.