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28 Faces All Pregnant Women Will Recognise

As illustrated by dogs, cats, turtles and, of course, sloths.

1. The "I've Already Given Up And It's Only 7am" face.

195 lbs and counting...yikes! Thanks Jaiden <img src=""> #PregnancyProblems

Bonita Applebum@BonitaApplebum7Follow

195 lbs and counting...yikes! Thanks Jaiden <img src=""> #PregnancyProblems

3:05 AM - 26 Nov 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

2. The "'Do Aqua-Aerobics' They Said, 'You'll Feel Weightless' They Said" face.

3. "Surprise Lactation!" face.

4. The "I Think The Baby Is Using My Gallbladder As A Squeeze Toy" face.

5. The "Fuck You, Gravity, I Still Got Moves" face.

6. The "I Just Did Up My Shoelaces BY MYSELF" face.

7. The "But This Fitted Yesterday!" face.

8. The "Relaxing Baths Are All Well And Good, But Getting Out Is Like Climbing Bloody Everest" face.

9. The "Surely That Can't Be Me Farting" face.

10. "Friday Night Plans" face.

&#x201C;@bitchprblmz: Everyone&#x27;s partying and I&#x27;m just like &#x201D; #PregnancyProblems

Cassandra McGann@cassandraemmFollow

“@bitchprblmz: Everyone's partying and I'm just like ” #PregnancyProblems

4:22 AM - 30 Nov 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

11. The "Thank You For My Pregnancy Massage Voucher, I Almost Feel Human Again" face.

12. "Trouser Season Is Officially Over" face.

How I feel... &#x3C;img src=&#x22;;&#x3E;&#x3C;img src=&#x22;;&#x3E;#pregnancyproblems #thirdtrimester


How I feel... <img src=""><img src="">#pregnancyproblems #thirdtrimester

8:06 AM - 23 Nov 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

13. The "Sorry, I Have Gestational Diabetes And Can't Eat Cake. Do You Have Any Kale?" face.

14. The "Not Sure If Contractions Or Gas" face.

15. The "Actually I Have Another Six Weeks To Go But Thanks For Pointing Out How Large I Am" face.

16. The "Not Sure If About To Burp Or Projectile-Vomit" face.

17. The "Shut Up, Everything Hurts" face.

18. The "Hey, Remember When I Used To Have A Waist? Those Were Good Times" face.

19. The "Be There In A Minute" face.

20. The "It's Suddenly Occurred To Me That I May Require An Episiotomy" face.

21. The "What? This Is Literally The Most Elegant Way I Can Sit Right Now" face.

22. The "I'm So Hungry But My Uterus Has Compressed My Stomach To The Size Of A Peanut" face.

23. The "I'm So Glad Your Pregnancy Was Magical And Issue-Free But I Feel Like A Walking, Vomiting Bowling Ball" face.

24. The "I Hope No One Saw Me Trying And Failing To Fit Into That Tiny Gap" face.

25. The "Did I Just Pee Myself?" face.

26. The "Not Tonight, Dear" face.

27. Then, two minutes later, the "Let's Get It On" face.

28. And, of course, the "Every Single Bloody Night" face.

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