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28 Faces All Pregnant Women Will Recognise

As illustrated by dogs, cats, turtles and, of course, sloths.

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1. The "I've Already Given Up And It's Only 7am" face.

195 lbs and counting...yikes! Thanks Jaiden <img src=""> #PregnancyProblems

Bonita Applebum@BonitaApplebum7Follow

195 lbs and counting...yikes! Thanks Jaiden <img src=""> #PregnancyProblems

3:05 AM - 26 Nov 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

2. The "'Do Aqua-Aerobics' They Said, 'You'll Feel Weightless' They Said" face.

5. The "Fuck You, Gravity, I Still Got Moves" face.

7. The "But This Fitted Yesterday!" face.

9. The "Surely That Can't Be Me Farting" face.

10. "Friday Night Plans" face.

&#x201C;@bitchprblmz: Everyone&#x27;s partying and I&#x27;m just like &#x201D; #PregnancyProblems

Cassandra McGann@cassandraemmFollow

“@bitchprblmz: Everyone's partying and I'm just like ” #PregnancyProblems

4:22 AM - 30 Nov 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

11. The "Thank You For My Pregnancy Massage Voucher, I Almost Feel Human Again" face.

12. "Trouser Season Is Officially Over" face.

How I feel... &#x3C;img src=&#x22;;&#x3E;&#x3C;img src=&#x22;;&#x3E;#pregnancyproblems #thirdtrimester


How I feel... <img src=""><img src="">#pregnancyproblems #thirdtrimester

8:06 AM - 23 Nov 14ReplyRetweetFavorite


13. The "Sorry, I Have Gestational Diabetes And Can't Eat Cake. Do You Have Any Kale?" face.

18. The "Hey, Remember When I Used To Have A Waist? Those Were Good Times" face.

28. And, of course, the "Every Single Bloody Night" face.