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    This Monster Represents How Panic Attacks Can Strike Out Of The Blue

    The charity YouthNet has released the "Panic Attack Monster" to help people learn how to cope with them.

    The charity YouthNet has introduced the Panic Attack Monster to raise awareness about panic attacks, which affect more than 30% of the UK population under 25.

    1. Over the next few weeks, YouthNet will be releasing a series of videos showing how panic attacks can undermine people's sense of control in enclosed spaces.

    2. And social situations.

    3. When people feel trapped.

    4. And when people leave their comfort zones.

    The idea behind turning a panic attack into a "monster" is that you can learn to fight it.

    You can also help a panicking friend by breathing with them, and bringing their attention back to what's going on around them.

    Watch the first Panic Monster video here, and read more about coping with panic attacks.

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