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One Amazing Thing You Never Noticed In Countless Disney And Pixar Movies

What does "A113" signify and why does it keep popping up everywhere?

Check out Andy's mum's licence plate number in Toy Story.

It says "A113", just like this door number in Monsters University.

It's the courtroom number in Up too.

And this camera model in Finding Nemo.

Here it is in Lilo and Stitch.

And in Ratatouille.

You can just about make it out here in Cars.

And here.

And here.

It's the code that tells the ship never to return to Earth in Wall-E.

In The Incredibles, Mr. Incredible is imprisoned in level A1, cell 13.

But... what does it all mean?

Well, "A113" was a classroom number at the California Institute of the Arts.

If it appears in a movie, it means that a CalArts alumnus was involved with the animation.

Unsurprisingly, it's appeared in every film produced by Pixar, including here in A Bug's Life.

But "A113" isn't just restricted to animated films.

It's featured in live-action movies such as The Avengers, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

TV show animators have even smuggled "A113" into episodes of American Dad.

And Firefly, South Park, and The Simpsons.

In fact, Simpsons director Brad Bird went on to include it in every single film he's ever directed.

Which include The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and The Iron Giant (below).

And yes, I did say "A113" has appeared in every Pixar movie. What do you mean, you never saw it in Brave?

Pretty cool, huh?

Source: Imgur / TheGhostWhoHatesSpills