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    The 13 Worst Things You Can Buy On eBay That Are Made Out Of Loom Bands

    That £170,000 loom band dress has blown the clothes-made-of-plastic-tat market wide open.

    1. These delightful men's pants. Current bid £2.20.

    2. This revealing dress, currently at £67.

    3. This dress, with a starting bid of £1,999.00.

    4. This "on trend" toe ring, with a starting bid of £0.99.

    5. This YOLO boob tube (now sold).

    6. This attractive green thong. Starting bid £5.

    7. These snakes. Current bid £1.

    8. These "loom band shorts", with a starting bid of £20.

    9. This blurry shot, which is apparently of a loom band mankini. And some unidentified flesh. Price £14.99.

    Hmm, perhaps the seller's other images will shed some light on what the mankini actually looks like, and how it's being modelled.


    Oh. Wow. Okay, moving on....

    (It's OK, I think they're fingers. I hope they're fingers.)

    10. This tie (now sold).

    11. These roomy trousers, starting at £99.

    12. This well-ventilated swimming costume, currently at £19.99.

    13. And these. While the photos aren't of things made of loom bands, they are advertising asymmetrial loom band man-thongs (£250.00).

    Just imagine all those teeny-tiny rubber bands pinching against your areas.

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