34 London Commuters Who Have Lost The Will To Live

    Tired and emotional tweets from Tube strike day two.

    1. Today day two of a Tube strike dawned in London.

    2. And it's safe to say that no one was having fun.

    Fuck this fuckin tube fuckin strike!!! Fuck fuck fuck!! :@ aaarghhh! Fuckin shit London


    Oh this Tube Strike can just fuck off! 40 minutes to get less than a mile! Literally wtf!


    So the day of the tube strike, I have an hour journey with no seat, no mag & no headphones... Kill. Me. Now #tubestrike #london

    5. Conditions were cramped on the few Underground lines that were running.


    The tube strike means you get the aromas of other passengers. Today a woman smelled so much of celery I was almost compelled to question her


    Squeezed in #tube & watching shocked faces of fellow commuters when we arrived in next station (seeing packed train) is #priceless. #strike


    London with this tube strike you are really spoiling us. Woman threw herself at back doors of bus in effort to get on and missed. Enough.

    9. Interpersonal relations were... strained.

    If you stop me from getting my train because you're taking in the sights of Kings Cross station, prepare to get eye-rolled, hard.


    Mate why is this woman giving me evils for not moving? Theres a fucking tube strike on bitch the trains packed

    11. And manners? What manners?

    F-U tube strike, in the office by 9 & only 1 really awful man got glared at! (He pushed in front of a preggers lady to get a seat, charmer)


    A woman tried to steal the Uber car I had waited 20 minutes for I called the driver and stole it backCan the tube strike end now


    I need someone to hold my hand during the tube strike because I swear to god I’m going to have a breakdown from anger at all the rude people

    14. Things weren't looking that great on the buses, either.

    London Tube strike bus plan - from Bar Boulud trade call back to hotel - Bus 1 of 3 - #52 Knightsbridge to Victoria




    Fucking tube strike is fucking everything up the buses are so slow coming out of London omg I'm already late and I'm not even on the bus yet


    Damn tube strike, how can a bus just change its destination mid journey #rude


    My bus gave up halfway to work, so now I've gotta walk the rest of the way. Darn you, Tube Strike!

    19. Or on the water.

    You know it's not going to be your day with tube strike and suspended Thames clipper due to fog. Fuck you strikers!

    20. There was a lot of bag-related shade being thrown about.

    There’s a tube strike on. Get your bag off the seat you tit.


    Oh, did I make you move your bag so I could sit on the bus during this tube strike. I apologise, I absolutely deserve that look of hate.

    22. A lot.

    There's a tube strike on, so the buses might be a bit busier today so move the bag you bought from fuckin Sports Direct off the spare seat.

    23. And there wasn't much love around for cyclists.

    People on bikes in london are just fucking busy bodies, buy a car or get a bus, and when u get home go for a bike ride! Its not 1830's


    (1/2) What kind of a cunt gets on a packed overground train with a bicycle during tube strike?! Shouldn't you be out there saving the planet

    25. Or people on other forms of two-wheeled transport.

    One of the worst things about #tubestrike is the increased number of idiots on adult scooters.


    In case of #tubestrike - bring your child's scooter to work and WHOOSH! Delays cut by 50%* *(fitness depending)

    27. In fact, the general consensus about the Tube strike was overwhelmingly negative.

    For fuck sake tube strike go home. No one even likes you! You have no friends.


    The tube strike can go fuck its mum


    30. Next time there's a Tube strike, I say we all take a breath and take a leaf out of this guy's book.

    Bertie the dog, unphased by the tube strikes. #tubestrike #TubeStrikeMakesMe #dogs #London

    31. Bertie the dog wins Day 2 of the April 2014 Tube strike.

    32. Although our thoughts are those who bore the worst of it.

    The tube strike has officially totally ruined my life, I should be at Topshop Oxford circus now with Kate Moss opening her collection #gah

    33. Brave souls like this.

    Please tell me tube strike was just today? Tomorrow I'm intending to go to Camden to purchase a fruit bowl and I'll cry if there's problems.

    34. They are the closest things we have to saints.

    Drove my Porsche to work as usual. Great excuse to have a lie-in, go in an hour late. "Stuck in traffic." http://t.co/UJsYi8AFUv #tubestrike