29 Incredibly Brave And Important First World Rebels

Users of the subreddit First World Anarchists, keep fighting the good(ish) fight.

1. This insurgent who won’t be bound by linear time.

2. This revolutionist.

3. This vodka mutineer.


4. This rubbish bin agitator.

6. This Kit Kat game-changer.

7. This civilian who won’t be kept down.


9. This dogmatist.

10. This heretic watering can.

11. Hannah Simone.

12. Whichever revisionist packed this lunchbox.

13. This provocateur.

15. This nihilist pigeon.

16. This shopper protesting against trolley oppression.

17. This cake warrior.

18. This lady who won’t be cowed by signs.

19. This tree which answers to no one.

20. Public enemy number one, here.

21. Raine Herzig.

22. Kokomo the rabbit, who’s had enough of your games.

23. This radical tourist.

24. This motorist.

26. The bus-advert dissident driving this car.

27. This Metro reactionary.

28. These nonconformist fisherwomen.

29. And this malcontent dog.

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