28 Household Objects That Have Been Traumatised Beyond Belief

According to the Pareidoilia Subreddit.

1. This backpack is dreading today’s French test.

2. This one didn’t study for the test.

3. This guy didn’t know there was a test.

4. This piece of pasta can’t believe you added chickpeas to the ragu.

Seriously, chickpeas?

5. This sole’s boss just called it into his office.

6. This box got a latte instead of a flat white and isn’t sure whether to take it back.

7. This corgi just spoiled True Detective for the kitchen floor.

8. These recycling bins have buyers’ remorse.

9. This Lego block only just realised that the joke it proudly recited to a room full of women yesterday was sexist.

10. This guy has remembered that its travel sickness pills are back at home.

11. This oil burner has just seen The Red Wedding episode of Game of Thrones.

12. This baby-changing seat thought it would try those zero-carb instant noodles, and now it feels as though John Carpenter’s The Thing is trying to escape from all its orifices.

13. This handbag has just realised that those surprise roses from a ‘secret admirer’ were meant for the house next door.

14. Just once, this box would like to taste a banana.

15. It’s just occurred to this box that you might be calling it a ‘minger’, and not a ‘manager’, as it had previously assumed.

16. Look, you’d be pretty upset if two birds were slowly trepanning you.

17. This box has a recurring nightmare about the day that all the tissues run out, and that day is ALMOST HERE.

18. This box has just seen what you do with its contents.

19. So has this condom machine.

20. This bottle bank isn’t sure that its new punk look is working out.

21. This kettle’s knees are playing up again. Not that it likes to complain.

22. This coffee lid is never, ever bungee-jumping again.

23. These eggs yolks can SEE WHAT YOU’RE DOING OVER THERE.

24. This pair of trousers is ruminating over who could be responsible for all this inanimate misery.

25. Is it jaunty potato Hitler?

26. Nope, it was this guy all along.

27. “Hehehehe.”

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