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This Unbearably Cute Terrier Is Only As Big As A Hamster

Belle lives in Great Yarmouth and travels everywhere by handbag.

This is Belle, a terrier puppy. She lives in Great Yarmouth and is only as big as the family pet hamster.

At six weeks old, Belle should be around eight times larger than she is, reports EDP24. Belle's owner, Karenza Cruse, thinks she may be the smallest dog in the country.

Belle was one of a failed litter of four puppies, had to be resuscitated after her birth, and has suffered a series of health problems.

Cruse helped the little dog recover by keeping watch over her 24 hours a day, and feeding her hourly with a syringe. Although still very tiny, Belle is now growing.

Now she's on the mend, Belle goes everywhere with Cruse, snuggled deep in her handbag.

She has taken her first wobbly steps, and is fond of stealing food from the hamster.

And sleeping with her teddy.

Read more about Belle and her adventures on her Facebook page.