13 Gorgeous Maternity Wedding Dresses For Under £200

And some for much, much less.

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1. Knocked up before your nuptials? Don’t panic. Step away from that white lace muumuu. You can still get married in a fancy frou-frou gown when your belly’s expanding and you’re on a budget.

£85.99 from Vividress.

2. In fact, if your budget is really tight, ASOS do a decent line in dreamy white maternity dresses, like this lace and chiffon number.

£35 from ASOS.

3. And this embroidered swing dress, perfect for an outdoorsy or beach ceremony.

£48 from ASOS.com.

4. For a more formal look, try this stretchy French lace dress.

£149 from Seraphine.

5. Or this elegant floor-length drape dress.

£199 from Tiffany Rose.

6. This beautiful silk maxi dress is swishy and romantic.

£179 from Picchu Maternity.

7. And this lovely tulle gown with spaghetti straps is floaty and fairy-like.

£110.89 from Vividress.

8. Summer wedding? This short ivory bodice dress would be perfect to keep you cool.

£159 from Seraphine.

9. As is this swingy, 1950s-style gown.

£169 from Tiffany Rose.

10. And this delicate lace dress.

£189 from Tiffany Rose.

11. This Isabella Oliver shirt dress would sit comfortably within a modest budget.

£70 from ASOS.com.

12. See? You can still look fresh and pretty on your wedding day.

£24 from ASOS.com.

13. Just step into a beautiful, low-maintenance dress, enjoy your perfect day and look forward to your ready-made family.

£94.99 from Vividress.

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