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    Meet The Sick Cat Who Got Better By Watching "The Great British Bake Off"

    The UK baking show helped Roger the ginger cat recover from his injuries.

    This is Roger the cat. He's two.

    Unfortunately, Roger's collar became stuck behind his front leg and caused him serious injuries (which this photo details).

    During his recovery, Roger's owner – Rachel McDermott – noticed that he'd perk up when The Great British Bake Off was on. Here he is haring into the room at the sound of the theme tune.

    And that he'd remain glued to the screen throughout the show.

    Transfixed by BAKING DRAMA.

    Regardless of who was onscreen...

    ... Or which device the show was playing on.

    Roger is now recovering well, and McDermott attributes at least some of this to his Bake Off addiction.

    Watch Roger's "GBBO" compulson in action.

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    Good bake, Roger. Good bake.