These Fabulous Swimsuits Are Designed Specifically For Breast Cancer Survivors

And they’re modelled by some seriously glam women.

1. Finnish designers have created a stunning range of swimsuits specifically for women who have lost a breast through breast cancer.

Pinja Valja / Monokini

2. These monokinis are the brainchild of Elina Halttunen, a woman with “one breast and a passion for swimming”.

Pinja Valja / Monokini

“Having only one breast made finding fitting bikinis difficult. Therefore I fashioned my own Monokini,” Halttunen says on the Monokini 2.0 website. “I thought that maybe there would be others out there like me, women who wanted swimwear that would not make them feel that they were missing a breast.”

3. Haltunnen joined forces with Finnish art duo Tärähtäneet ämmät (“Nutty Tarts”) to create the Monokini 2.0 swimwear range.

Pinja Valja / Monokini

4. “We want to show that you can be whole, beautiful and sexy even with just one breast or with no breasts at all.”

Pinja Valja / Monokini

5. The models are all women who have undergone mastectomies following breast cancer. They contacted the team after seeing initial product photographs online.

Pinja Valja / Monokini

6. These photographs will be exhibited in Norway, Finland and Sweden. The team is launching a crowdfunding initiative soon to take the project even further.

Pinja Valja / Monokini

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