The Hairdresser Who Created The "Rachel" Haircut Was Stoned At The Time, Jennifer Aniston Reveals

    She also discussed questionable costuming decisions on Horrible Bosses 2.

    Poor Jennifer Aniston. Friends ended a decade ago and she's still constantly asked about her haircut. Last night on the Graham Norton Show, however, she shared some new information.

    It turns out that Chris McMillan, who invented the famous hairstyle, was in an altered state when he came up with it (click the speaker icon to hear the sounds).

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    In case you slept through the '90s, the choppy, flouffy "Rachel" cut was a style phenomenon that everyone tried, and failed, to emulate.

    However, the "Rachel" only lasted one season of Friends. Aniston couldn't recreate it herself, possibly because she wasn't constantly stoned on set (allegedly).

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    Aniston also revealed that she wore a very interesting multifunctional piece of jewellery in Horrible Bosses 2.

    Nothing gets past Olly Murs, though.

    So today's lesson is: sometimes hair stylists are stoned, and apparently Olly Murs can spot a cock ring at 100 paces.