21 Delightfully Sweary Cross Stitches You Need In Your Life

Deck your halls with embroidered curse words. Slightly NSFW.

1. This vivid mental image.

imgur.com / WhenShitHitsTheFanBuyAMop

2. This harsh truth.

3. This crafty treat.

imgur.com / classylaz09
Columbia Pictures / wifflegif.com

5. This simple piece of advice.

imgur.com / Twiggly

6. This unfinished joy.

imgur.com / YeaScienceBitch

10. I wonder what this is going to be.

11. This plaintive message.

14. This request, softened by the inclusion of hearts.

15. This statement which would be useful to keep about one’s person at all times.

16. This penguin compliment.

18. This lovely sentiment.

19. This beauty.

20. “This is for my aunt on her birthday.”

21. And last on the list, the best on the list.

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