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    Posted on May 25, 2014

    13 Delightfully Delicate Laser-Cut Clocks You Need In Your Life

    Father Time has never looked so pretty.

    1. Designer Sarah Mimo makes these beautiful clocks in her NYC studio. /

    "I try making other things but all my sketches turn in to clocks. It's like a compulsion," Sarah told BuzzFeed. "I started making the clocks in college for a break from my illustration studies – I had no idea I would still be making them now.

    "All my designs are a reminder to stay in the present, a reminder I need fairly regularly – which might be why I keep making them.

    "My first clock was made out of paper. Then I started laser cutting them from acrylic, and eventually wood. My current designs are laser cut from Baltic birch plywood then stained, finished, and assembled by hand. They're now available with silent gearboxes."







    Sarah Mimo /


    13. /

    You can buy the clocks online at Sarah's Etsy shop.

    With thanks to akaTRENT.

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