23 Reasons Why The Loom Bands Craze Is A Menace And Needs To Stop

These DIY elastic bracelets will be humanity’s downfall.

1. You’ve probably heard of Loom bands by now.

2. They’re little elastic bands that you collect by the thousand and weave into bracelets.

3. Like this.

4. People of all ages are going crazy for them.

5. Like, seriously crazy.

6. You can make the bracelets with your fingers, or by weaving the elastic bands onto a special loom thingy using a sort of crochet hook.

7. Like so. See? Er, easy.

8. You don’t have to just make bracelets - someone made a dress out of loom bands and put it on eBay. The current bid stands at £170,100.00.


9. Here’s a Loom Smurf, look.

10. Here’s a terrifying Loom tarantula.

11. Also, meet Loom Thor.

12. And this Loom Minion.

13. What a fun, harmless hobby, right?

14. What a creative way to express yourself artistically, right?


— A.✨ (@HeyItsAireneG)

15. WRONG.

Seven-year-old Kyle Lawrence was stretching a loom band which then hit him in the eye. He’s waiting to have an operation to restore his sight :(

16. Another boy almost lost his fingers when he fell asleep wearing loom bands.

Taken from my fb page...please be aware about dangers of #loombands this lad isn't far from losing his fingers.

— Philip Goodway (@ParaPhil1978)

17. Already there’s a bit of a loom band backlash on Twitter.

wth I made this shits for like 2 months and it looks so shitty. #loombands #fail I hate loom bands ugh. 

— ɖαѵɩɗ εℓ ɧɩε⤞ɾ (@DavidLumbre)

19. Some people are calling for a ban on loom bands.

Ban #LoomBands #rubberband #craze injures children #wtf #Petition http://t.co/tYjnr1wk2E via @GoPetition

— GoPetition (@GoPetition)

20. Although not everyone agrees.

Mum wants to ban loom bands. How about we ban idiot parents who don't keep a proper eye on their children? http://t.co/7p5N4Eh9kA

— fleetstreetfox (@fleetstreetfox)

21. Still, at least the loom bands obsession hasn’t made it as far as BuzzFeed.

Robyn Wilder / BuzzFeed

22. Uh oh :(

Robyn Wilder / BuzzFeed

23. Looks like loom bands are bringing about the end of days after all.

Robyn Wilder / BuzzFeed

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