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    19 Delightfully Bizarre Products That Should Definitely Exist

    The Tumblr LiarTownUSA is a treasure trove of wonderful weirdness.

    1. Why don't these cat food flavours exist already?

    24 Feb 2014 / 614 notes

    2. This book should exist, if only to validate how I currently cook.

    3. I would have watched the hell out of this in the 1980s.

    4. Yankee Candles should come in these varieties.

    5. Finally, a voyage of self-discovery that speaks to me.

    6. I think I skipped #8 in the series.

    7. A bit niche, still valid.

    8. Finally.

    9. Something for the man who has everything.

    10. For the man who hates lighthouses.

    11. I'm not sure whether calling them "ladytime objects" makes them more or less appealing.

    12. This would go bestseller in a week.

    13. As would this one.

    14. I would watch this from behind a cushion.

    15. As well as all of these.

    16. And this.

    17. Another book for the man who has everything.

    18. Just some kittens.

    19. And mansplaining, mansplained.

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