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24 Pregnancy Announcement Photos That Must Be Stopped

Look, just pee on a stick and toss the photo on Facebook like the rest of us. (h/t Awkward Family Photos)

1. These parents, who only recently taught their kid to spell.

2. This woolly mother.

3. Beer vs baby.

4. Bonnie and Clyde need to stop.

5. And so do Butch and Sundance.

6. "Hello! I'm the pregnant bunny! Here, let me show you my crotch area."

7. Then there are the "arty" shots.

8. I hope that's not a permanent tattoo.

9. "Congratulations! It's a tiny weird man with a blueish bum."

10. I...

11. Uh...

12. Are those children...feeding?

13. This is special.

14. So is this.

15. This couple love to be hydrated.

16. Hey kids, you might want to back up a few feet.

17. Wait, are pregnant women just full of air?


19. I wouldn't even dream of messing with this family.

20. Classy.

21. Classier.

22. Classiest.

23. This guy is just rude.

24. And I really have no idea what is supposed to be happening here.