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    18 Album Covers That Are So Bad They're Straight-Up Amazing

    Have you heard the zip-zap rap?

    1. Bringing the term "signature hair" to life.

    2. Featuring the beatboxing skills of his brother, Catastrophisin' Chris.

    3. "Is this seat taken?"

    4. Aw. You are welcome, Mike!

    5. "Avast, poor Yorick!"

    6. Smooth.

    7. Smoother.

    8. Smootherer.

    9. Smoothererer.

    10. Smoothest.

    11. Less an album cover, more the result of some sort of a spirit quest.

    12. How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real?

    13. "They call me 'The Jackal'."

    14. Uh...

    15. Um...

    16. Oh thank goodness. I was WONDERING what happened after the first STUFFPARTY.

    17. Ding dong, Gunther!

    18. And, last but not least, Mr Steven Seagal.

    Who wants to form a band?

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