The 30 Best Costumes From The London Film & Comic Con

Great Scott! Highlights from LFCC 2014.

1. Mini Marty McFly and tiny Dr Emmett Brown.

2. Walter White, not taking any shit.

3. Hong Kong Phooey and Emmet Brickowski, just hanging out.

4. This Studio Ghibli ghost.

5. This good-guy alien.

6. I hope he didn’t run into these guys.

Predators... who must be incredibly hot today!!!!!!!! #LFCC2014

— Tom Mountford (@tommountford)

7. Or these guys. Otherwise it would have been game over, man. Game over.

Game over, man. GAME OVER! #lfcc #LFCC2014

— Witts & Wisdom (@stuartwitts)

8. Here’s C-3P0 having a quick power nap.

This has got to be the most surreal start to anyone's day. Ever. #LFCC @Showmasters Via @londonhorror #starwars

— (@gamesyouloved)

9. Hellgirl said hello.

Hell girl? Brilliant! #LFCC.

— Lisa BSG (@LisaBG1)

10. Chewbacca made a friend.

I MET CHEWBACCA! #LFCC2014 @yalc_uk

— BooksWithBiteUK (@BooksWithBiteUK)

11. So did Sloth from The Goonies.

@LFCCComicZone @Showmasters #lfcc #LFCC2014

— SkyLouise (@SkyWilliams11)

12. Here are Mario and Luigi.

#cosplay #LFCC

— Rachel (@mypandaisland)

13. And here they are again.

Catch more live updates from @aisha_anime from #Lfcc #Mario #cosplay #swag #mariokart

— Aisha Ahmed (@hades_kitty)

14. Elsewhere, Dr and Mrs John Watson were in attendance.

John & Mary at #LFCC #Sherlocked @chimpsinsocks

— Cumberbatchweb (@cumberbatchweb)

15. As well as Barfolomew and Captain Lone Starr from Spaceballs.

16. And Morello and Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black.

These cosplays at #LFCC were the best #OITNB Finn Jones was non stop talking about Chapman after she left his table

— met jenna & lena!!! (@EvaDema13)

17. Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man were having a barney.

“@Smithyshere: Another #Spidey and #DocOck showdown over who's paying for the cappuccinos #LFCC #EarlsCourt ” its me!

— Alea Holland (@Retro_Trooper)

18. Multiple Dredds were exacting justice in the car park.

My sister got royally judged at #LFCC yesterday...

— Steph Clayton (@stephmashor)

19. Bane was just doing Bane things.

Then I managed to sneak up on Bane. Darkness was not his ally! #LFCC2014

— Chris Cooper (@SDCCooper)

20. Raphael hung out with Spider-Man, forming the bromance that always should have been.

Just chillin with Raph. #Spiderman #Raphael #TMNT #lfcc

— Lee Grayson (@LAGrayson)

21. The angel Castiel flew in from Supernatural.

@mishacollins saw one of your doppelgangers today ;-) at #LondonFilmAndComicCon #LFCC #LFCC2014 #supernatural

— Heather Semper (@hetha2009)

22. Two-Face rocked up looking a bit toasty.

Anyone with pic of me as two face, give us a mention! Cheers :D #LFCC2014 #LFCCAttendee #lfcc

— Andy Hughes (@AndyHughes86)

23. Male and female Thors posed for photos.

Male and female Thors :) #YALC #LFCC

— Tatum Flynn (@Tatum_Flynn)

24. As did Elsa and Anna.

We spotted amazing #Frozen cosplayers today #LFCC

— Flicks and the City (@FlicksCity)

25. And Captain America and Katniss.


— Claire (@BWithBooks)

26. Slenderman creeped everybody the hell out.

This is what happens when you see the Slenderman #LFCC #YALC

— Read and Repeat (@readandrepeat)

27. Mutant Spider-Man decloaked.

Michael Versi

28. Iron Man worked security.

We found #IronMan outside, amazing cosplay! #LFCC

— Flicks and the City (@FlicksCity)

29. And Beast queued politely.

Who likes McCoys? #lfcc #LFCC2014

— TheGingerPrince (@TGP73)

30. But my personal favourite was Maleficent, casually waiting for a bus and holding a Sainsbury’s bag.


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