A Snake Killed A Crocodile And Swallowed It Whole

Go large or go home.

1. This python attacked a freshwater crocodile on the edge of Lake Moondarra in Queensland, Australia - and killed it.

TNT CORLIS / Barcroft India

2. Once the snake had squeezed the life out of the crocodile’s body, it began the long, slow process of swallowing it.

TNT CORLIS / Barcroft India

3. These photos were taken by Tiffany Corlis, who was quietly capturing these events on her phone’s camera.

TNT CORLIS / Barcroft India

4. Somehow, the snake managed to swallow the entire crocodile whole.

TNT CORLIS / Barcroft India

And you were worried about eating a main course and two sides.

5. When it was done, the snake retired to the bush to digest its meal. It was twice the size that it had been before the attack.

TNT CORLIS / Barcroft India

“Does my bum look like I swallowed a crocodile in this crocodile I just swallowed?”

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