A Man Photobombed A Local News Anchor By Drinking Out Of A Vase

Maybe it wasn’t a photobomb. Maybe service was just that slow.

1. This is ABC27 anchor Dave Marcheskie reporting live from the victory party of Pennsylvania representative Patty Kim. Nothing much is going on here.

2. Until the guy behind him drinks from a flower vase.

3. The unidentified man then takes a good long slug of flower water.

4. And seems genuinely impressed by how effectively it slaked his thirst.

5. He even gives us a little toast.

6. Dave Marcheskie, oblivious during the incident, wasn’t impressed afterwards as he was talking about an injury at the time.

Unfortunate that when speaking about a hospitalized candidate a competitor's employee chose to act in poor taste.

— Dave Marcheskie (@DMarcheskie)

7. But you know what they say. Manners cost nothing.

8. Watch the whole thing here.

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