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    16 Reasons Why People Don't Give Pregnant Women Their Seats On Public Transport

    Chivalry, thy name is "commuter".

    We asked women to share their experiences of asking to sit down on crowded buses and trains (rather than just waiting for people to notice they were pregnant and offer to give up their seats) when they were feeling tired or unwell. Many of their experiences were positive. Some, however, weren't...

    1. "Why should I? It wasn't me who got you knocked up."

    2. "You should have thought about that before you got pregnant."

    3. "Sorry, I'm going to the end of the line."

    4. "You're only a few months along. Don't make a drama out of it."

    5. "You don't look pregnant to me."

    6. "You should be wearing a badge."

    7. "I've been on my feet working all day. No one told you to get pregnant."

    8. "But I'm tired."

    9. "You should travel when it's less crowded."

    10. "Sorry, my dog's sitting there."

    11. "I've paid for my ticket and I'm entitled to sit here."

    12. "I need this seat for my bag because it contains a glass vase."

    13. "If you can do a day's work you can stand."

    14. "Wouldn't it be healthier if you walked?"

    15. "We are all tired after a long day, you shouldn't be working if you can't keep up."

    16. "Pregnancy isn't an illness."