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    14 Insanely Cute Food Art Creations To Make This Summer

    Looking for fun kid-friendly summer activities? Try out these insanely cute, healthy, and surprisingly easy food art ideas that every kid will love to make and eat!

    1. A Berry Delicious Dinosaur Breakfast

    Driscoll's Berries / Via

    2. Mr. Edible Caterpillar!

    Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons / Via

    3. Under the Sea Snack

    4. Berry Waffle Ice Cream Cone

    Driscoll's Berries / Via

    5. Silly Eggs!

    Art and Blog / Via

    Get this egg recipe here!

    6. A Minnie & Mickey Breakfast

    Lost at E Minor / Via

    7. Healthy Hummingbird

    Pinterest / Via

    8. Cute Crab!

    Fridge Check / Via

    Get this crabby recipe here!

    9. Adorable Fox

    Fridge Check / Via

    10. Gluten Free Lady Bug

    Driscoll's Berries / Via

    11. Whooo Loves You Owl Snack

    Kix / Via

    12. Fresh Fruity Flowers

    13. Minion Munchables

    Samantha Lee / Via

    (Because what post would be complete without Minions?) Get the recipe!

    14. Grapefruit Owl

    Today's Parent / Via

    Get the recipe!

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