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37 Times Australia Was A Bit Racist In 2015

It was...not a good year.

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1. When everyone started calling Adam Goodes a flog.

2. Then people booed him so much he had to take a break from the game.

3. And Eddie McGuire criticised Adam Goodes and was officially labelled a "boofhead".

4. And a federal senator had to step in on Goodes' behalf.

5. And eventually, one of the game's greatest ever players was forced to retire.

6. But then he signed as an ambassador for David Jones and the reaction was predictably racist.

7. But despite all that racist abuse, Goodes was still a deadset fucking legend.

8. When a senator suggested Aboriginals were not the first culture in Australia.

9. When Eddie McGuire was totally ok with calling someone a "soccer loving Turkish born Mussie."

10. When a Muslim woman was trolled so hard online she decided to donate money to charity.

11. When Pauline Hanson called for a royal commission into Islam.

12. When Karl Stefanovic asked a bunch of Indian guys who would be manning the 7/11s while they were at the cricket.

13. When a severed pig's head was found stuffed down toilets at a university mosque.


14. When a bunch of white people openly discussed the word "negro" on national television.

15. That was after a senator used the same word during a radio interview.

16. When the Border Force wanted to stop and check random people's visas on the streets of Melbourne.

17. When a bunch of people gathered for a definitely-not-xenophobic anti-immigration rally in Sydney.

18. Oh, and in Melbourne.

19. When the government set up an inquiry into halal food.

20. When Dawn Fraser told Nick Kyrgios to go back to where his parents came from.

21. When our border protection policies were so strong they were praised by Britain's far-right, anti-immigration party UKIP.

22. When Bob Katter said that an independent Aboriginal MP wouldn't be a "black puppet on a string."

23. When a woman was the subject of racist abuse on public transport.

24. And again.

25. And again.

26. And again.

27. And this man.


28. When people got mad that Optus dared to use Arabic writing on an advertisement.

29. When a group of black teens was rejected from an Apple store because "they might steal something."

30. When Samantha Armytage made a bit of a weird comment about these mixed-race twins.

31. When an Indigenous woman spoke about racist abuse on TV and was promptly racially abused.

32. When the minister for Indigenous affairs suggested Aboriginal Australians were turning Vegemite into alcohol.

33. When a former MP called pregnant Indigenous women "cash cows".

34. When a much-loved Indigenous actor opened up about being racially profiled by cab drivers.

35. When a woman trolled a Muslim woman so much she was taken to court.

36. And when that same Muslim woman was trolled online so much that people felt the need to stand up for her.

37. And finally, when we couldn't tell the difference between two brown dudes.

Rob Stott is a news editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney.

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