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    19 People Who Are Moving To Australia Now That Britain Is Leaving Europe

    Look out Bondi.

    1. This guy who was ready before the votes were even counted.

    Honestly people you heard it here first if Britain votes to leave the EU I'm moving to Australia 👍🏽

    2. And this guy who had it all planned out.

    if vote leave wins I'm moving to australia to live with my sister bye friends

    3. This lady who likes to have some choices.

    If we lose, I'm moving to Australia, France , Italy or Russia bye

    4. This dude who is even prepared to deal with the wildlife.

    Considering moving to Australia🤔 would rather have to deal with them big ass spiders than the shit we're gonna get now😴

    5. This lass who was fucking angry.

    If we fucking leave I am moving to Australia. #bbcreferendum

    6. And this woman who went from fear to anger in four tweets.

    7. This person who will have some explaining to do to her mum.

    Fuck it, sorry mum I'm moving to Australia.

    8. This guy who kept it minimalist.

    9. This person who was so prepared to move to Australia that they already did it.

    If Leave wins I'm moving to Australia - which will be easy as I moved their already. Checkmate Boris! Then return triumphant via Eurovision!

    10. This person who, rightfully, chooses Australia.

    When we leave the eu I'm moving to Australia if we can't be in Europe 💯

    11. This young lady who will have to wait a while.

    If Britain Leave - I'm Moving to Australia. (As soon as I turn 18) (well, actually I'm moving regardless but I want to make a point.)

    12. This person who took the news with manic glee.

    If we leave the EU I really want this country to turn to shit, seeing the £ drop is just funny, oh and I will be moving to Australia #EUref

    13. This person who thinks Australia loves immigrants.

    What the fuck Broxbourne? Oh my god. Leave is actually going to edge it. I'm moving to Australia. They love immigrants there. #EUref

    14. This guy who is leaving his options open.

    Where am I moving to? Australia Canada or new Zealand #EURefResults

    15. This person who's already waving goodbye to the UK.

    I'm moving to Australia, see ya later👋🏼👋🏼

    16. This man who isn't going to let democracy boss him around.

    I'm moving to Australia cause I didn't vote for this and neither did my country

    17. This dude who is completely done with the UK.

    Well that's it, I'm moving to Australia. #byeuk #EUref

    18. This woman who is ready with her squad.

    Well, I'll be moving to Australia sooner than I thought. Who's coming? #EUref

    19. And this person who is already saying goodbye.

    Well that's it, I'm moving to Australia. #byeuk #EUref