Police Say The Meetings Of "Legal Rape" Advocates Will Be Pretty Boring

    It seems like no one is taking these guys seriously.

    Police departments in four Australian cities which will reportedly play host to gatherings of groups of men's rights activists who advocate "legal rape" say they're not too concerned about the meetings.

    Perth's men's rights activists allegedly have plans to meet on the footpath outside the Ocean Beach Hotel in Cottesloe, but a manager at the hotel told us that if they try to come inside, they won't make it past the door.

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    WA police also said there is no evidence of any public support for a meeting there, while WA Police Minister Liz Harvey called Valizadeh a "neanderthal".

    "We can't arrest him for standing around talking. It's very difficult to arrest someone for inciting a criminal offence," Harvey told Fairfax.

    "But police have been monitoring this individual and they will be watching any individual who thinks it's a good idea to turn up on that day. You will be marked."

    Meanwhile Valizadeh, who says he is still planning on coming to Australia, has told his followers to use a secret code to gain access to the meetings, which are for heterosexual men only.

    Should the cloack-and-dagger tactics succeed, large groups of counter-protesters say they'll be on hand to shut the meetings down.

    Australia's immigration department has made it pretty clear that Valizadeh isn't welcome here.

    "People who advocate violence against women aren't welcome in Australia. In the past people advocating violence against women have had their visa refused or cancelled," a spokesman for immigration minister Peter Dutton said in a statement.

    But despite being told to stay home, Valizadeh says he will sneak across Australia's border by boat.

    I've received intelligence that the northwest of Australia is unsafe. I will penetrate the country from another vulnerable quadrant by boat.

    He reckons he won't need a visa to travel because his dad is Muslim (yeah, nah), and has described Australia's borders as like swiss cheese.

    "Apply for a visa" lol. My dad's Muslim... I don't need a visa to go anywhere in the West. I just walk/boat in. https://t.co/ff7EmOA1dB

    Something which has been "noted" by the head of the Australian Border Force.

    So it looks like if these "men's meet-ups" actually go ahead, it won't be much of a party at all.

    Imagine if you flew to the other side of the world, hopped on a boat, slipped through the borders, threw a party, and nobody came.