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    The Age Just Confused A Politician For Kelly Rowland And It's Perfect

    What a dilemma. UPDATE: Michelle Rowland's response is flawless.

    The Age is one of Australia's most respected newspapers, and today it accidentally sent a perfect tweet.

    The Rowland in question is actually Labor MP Michelle, and not Kelly Rowland, who was in a little-known band called Destiny's Child.

    The story, which also called her Kelly in the headline, was a response to comments from social services minister Scott Morrison.

    Yesterday Mr Morrison, an opponent of marriage equality, said there are very strong opinions in Australia's immigrant communities regarding same-sex marriage.

    "I think it is very wrong to pigeonhole people based on their ethnicity for any reason. On this issue of marriage equality you shouldn't be pigeonholing people either," Rowland (Michelle, not Kelly) told The Age.

    The minister also called for "a bit of a breather" on the issue, and said that opposing marriage equality does not make you a homophobe.

    It's not clear if The Age did attempt to reach Kelly Rowland, although it is clear that the best way to reach her is via Excel spreadsheet.

    In Fairfax's defence, a Getty Image search for Michelle Rowland mostly brings up images of Kelly.

    But just in case you needed a reminder.

    Getty / AAP
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    Getty / AAP

    UPDATE: Michelle Rowland has responded to the confusion and it's flawless.

    @CalBD if only the subs would Say My Name.