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    This Week Could Be Super Awkward For Tony Abbott

    Why are all of Tony's mate abandoning him?

    So the 2015 Budget is a few weeks away. It's kind of a big deal.

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    After last year's disastrously unpopular effort, Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Treasurer Joe Hockey have promised they won't be quite as mean to everyone as last year, even going so far as to promise the 2015 budget will be "dull and boring".

    And some people on Tony's own team aren't happy.

    Remember this guy? He was the Treasurer for a while and he's PISSED.

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    Writing for The Daily Telegraph today, Australia's longest serving Treasurer, Peter Costello, has savaged his former colleagues.

    Costello mocked the government's promise of "lower, simpler, fairer" taxes, saying the promise was starting to look more like a "morbid joke".

    Joe Hockey then returned fire.

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    "Everyone's entitled to give free advice and frankly, you know, that's what it's worth. Free advice", he told Sky News from New York. "I would suggest that people stop looking back to what it was and focus on the challenges of today and the challenges of tomorrow. No matter who they are," he said.

    Hockey put the boots in a little more, reminding Costello that he was Treasurer during the golden era of the mining boom.

    "Because if we had the same level of tax collections I'd be collecting an extra $25 billion today. But unfortunately we do not have the revenue streams," he said.

    And Costello's not the only one who's unhappy. Colin Barnett wants to secede.

    Alan Porritt / AAPIMAGE

    Yesterday the Premier of Western Australia basically threatened to secede if his state doesn't get a bigger stake in the GST revenue. Which, honestly, isn't a terrible idea.

    Which means things could get super awkward.

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    Australia's Premiers are all heading to Canberra this week for the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting - and they've all got their own issues to push. NSW Premier Mike Baird is pushing the government to overturn planned health funding cuts.

    South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill is still unhappy about the submarines fiasco.

    Meanwhile Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and the PM just had a big fight over a big road.

    Meanwhile the Labor party is all like:

    Stefan Postles / Getty Images

    Opposition Leader Bill Shorten jumped in this morning with a characteristic zinger.

    "Peter Costello's right, Joe Hockey is a joke. But Australians stopped laughing a long time ago."

    Zing'd ya again, Tony.

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