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This Is What Happens When You Don't Shear A Sheep For Five Years

Wake up sheeple, it's time for a haircut.

Look at this majestic beast.

Members of the public have been reporting the presence of a huge, unshorn sheep on the border of Canberra and NSW for weeks, and yesterday RSPCA officers were finally able to capture it.

The big fella, who has been named Chris, was taken to the local RSPCA where the call was put out for a shearer to come down and remove the sheep's coat ASAP.

We need help from a sheerer to save this big Merino or if you can at least lend us the tools. Please call @rspcaact

Thankfully Australia's sheep-shearing champion Ian Elkins answered the call and the epic haircut took place on Thursday morning.

And there was A LOT of wool.

It took a team of five shearers more than 40 minutes to finish the job.

So much wool that they went back for a second round of shearing.

There's a sheep under that woolly blanket! @rspcaact

You can barely see Chris in all the wool.

They actually set a world record for the most wool to ever come off a sheep in a single sitting. In the end they removed 40.45kg of fleece. (That's 89lbs!)

After a quick check vet check, the RSPCA told BuzzFeed News the sheep appears doing fine, despite estimates that it hadn't been shorn for around five years.

The official number is in (minus 2kg for the bag)!

The sheep will be kept for observation for a few days before hopefully being adopted by a loving family that does not forget to shear him occasionally.

Dat new haircut feeling.