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This Rugby Try Is Batshit Insane

Even if you're not a sports fan, this is pretty impressive.

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This New Zealand Warriors try is already being called one of the greatest ever.

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Let's watch that again.

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That incredible through-the-legs, mid-air, backflip pass came from New Zealand's Nathan Friend.

Anthony Au-yeung / Getty Images

The incredible try helped the Warriors to a 28 - 14 upset win over the Melbourne Storm.

The try immediately got some great reactions. Andrew Voss, who has been commentating on rugby league for years, said it was one of the greatest things he'd ever seen on a football field.

And @09friendy is a freak! @NZWarriors @skysportnz

Who would have thought. The @NZWarriors @09friendy is the face that takes @NRL to the world!!!

The fans were amazed.

The upside down black-flip pass from @09friendy is going straight to @espn's plays of the week and the pool room. #WARvSTO

Wow! Last time I saw a flip like Nathan Friend's was when Frank Lowy ripped out his front flip off the A League podium. #nrlwarmel

And plenty of people had some fun with Photoshop.

@09friendy just having some fun on the #Waterslide

Proving not even the NWO Wolfpack and @RealKevinNash can stop the @09friendy & @NZWarriors #cheehoo #nzwarriors4life

Thank you @NZWarriors & @09friendy my light-hearted takes on your acrobatics #BackFlipOfThisGuy #WWEFRIEND @WWE

Winning line outs for the @Wallabies @09friendy #rugbyunion

And the man himself seemed to be enjoying his new-found fame.

Haha... I've dreamt about that plenty, finally it came to fruition @getyourpunton😜 #FollowYourDreams

Picked up those moves from u back in the day buddy👌🏼 @SteveTurner84

Let's just watch it one more time.