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Commenters React Predictably To Conchita Wurst, Newspaper Responds Perfectly

Online commenters are the Wurst.

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The Advertiser's social media editor Greg Barila told BuzzFeed News he often engages with his audience but has never received a reaction like this one.

"I like to think we've built up the kind of relationship with our audience where people can feel free to express themselves on a whole range of issues but can also expect us, as a news organisation, to take part in that conversation – sometimes firmly, but always respectfully," he said.

"That sometimes takes people aback – but as far as I'm concerned social media, as far as news brands go, is all about having an open, two-way conversation.

"Last night, we simply felt it was important to defend Conchita's right to use the pronoun of her choice and to help people understand that just because you're different doesn't make you a 'freak'."

Rob Stott is a news editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney.

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