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    This Fish Trapped Inside A Live Jellyfish Is The Picture Of Instant Regret

    In some ways, aren't we all a fish trapped inside a jellyfish?

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    Look at this fish trapped inside a slightly larger jellyfish and tell me you haven't been this fish at some point in your life.

    Tim Samuel Photography

    This snap was taken by Australian photographer Tim Samuel in Byron Bay on the northern coast of NSW.

    Samuel told BuzzFeed he's an avid underwater photographer, so when he spotted the little guy about 50 metres from shore, he knew he had to get some photos.

    "The ocean has all sorts of weird and wonderful things," he said, "but I've never seen anything quite like this. I guess that's why this photo is getting so much attention – it seems to be quite the rarity."

    Tim said he and another photographer, Franny Plumridge, followed the fish around for about 20 minutes, and the fish seemed to be the one propelling the jellyfish forward, although they were both a bit wobbly.

    "We contemplated setting the little guy free, but ultimately just let nature run its course," Tim said.

    Associate professor Ian Tibbetts, a fish biologist at the Centre for Marine Science at the University of Queensland, told Australian Geographic the duo seemed quite comfortable with their situation.

    Tim Samuel Photography

    "It's difficult to tell whether disaster has just struck, or whether the fish is happy to be in there," he said.

    Tibetts believes the fish is most likely a juvenile trevally, and the jellyfish is probably a type of box jellyfish, which can be among the most poisonous animals on earth.

    "Although by the photographer's description of the fish swimming, my guess is that it is probably quite happy to be protected in there," Ian said.

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