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One Cheeky Bugger Is Asking Politicians To Pay For His Kids' Holiday

If it's good enough for them it's good enough for us.

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Stephen Callaghan told BuzzFeed News his children have sold some of their own possessions so the family can afford the holiday, and seeing MPs use taxpayer funds to send their children on business class flights is an insult to hardworking Australians.

"I don't expect to even get one donation from a politician," he says. "I expect it will be studiously ignored. To me this shows that politicians think that their children deserve more than my children."

"They justify the cost by saying they are away from home for 20 weeks a year. Well, my wife works away from home 40 weeks a year. She stays in Yagoona Monday to Friday to go to her job in south west Sydney while I stay at home. Our three daughters miss her terribly … as do I. It is our 13th wedding anniversary tomorrow but she will be in Sydney and I will be up here on Central Coast. No "family reunion" entitlements for us."


Callaghan says he doesn't expect to hit the $5000 target and doesn't want donations from ordinary Australians, he just wants to make a point.

Hi @Tony_Burke I'm taking my 3 kids to Uluru in September. Can you advise what forms I need to fill out to get the government to pay me $8k?

Dear @joehockey do your kids have some hotel soaps left over from their $18k holiday they can send to my kids? They've never been in a hotel

"I understand that our politicians need to fly around places. I want them to arrive safe at their destination. But it disappoints me they can not see how they abuse the system," he says.

"Taking their kids on holidays at our expense is unacceptable. They are all on very good money. But it angers me that they manipulate the system too. Scheduling "meetings" to coincide with trips to the football or opera just so they can palm off the travel and accommodation costs to the taxpayer is infuriating. It is dishonest and unethical."

With some belt tightening over the next few months (no beer), Callaghan says he will make the trip north regardless of whether he hits his target. But if the money is raised, he plans to buy the kids' toys back and donate some money to Stewart House.

So far the campaign has only raised $15, including $10 which was donated anonymously (Is that you, Joe?). If you want to help Stephen and his family make the trip to Uluru, you can donate here

Rob Stott is a news editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney.

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