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11 Things We Learned From Belle Gibson's Tell-All Interview

Belle Gibson, the health blogger who claimed she cured her own cancer through diet has spoken to Australian Women's Weekly. Here's what we learned.

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2. She's hired a corporate advisory firm.

The Weekly's interview with Gibson was conducted at the offices of Bespoke Approach. The firm's managing director sat in on the interviews and is providing his services for free.


5. She's going out of business.

Belle had a lucrative cookbook and an app that was to be featured on the new Apple Watch, but now accountants are winding up the business. Her corporate advisor says most of the profits she made were re-invested in the business.

6. She may have made up health problems before.

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A former classmate of Belle's claims she made up a cancer diagnosis at school to stop a boyfriend from breaking up with her. In 2009 she told a skateboarding forum that she had died on the operating table during a heart procedure.

7. Gibson had a tough childhood.

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The 23-year-old says she never knew her father, her mother suffered multiple sclerosis and her brother is autistic. Gibson claims she had a lot of responsibility for herself from the age of five. The Australian Women's Weekly says it has trouble verifying parts of her story.


9. Her former friends don't trust her.

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At various points, Gibson's former associates described her to the Weekly as "Manipulative", a "sociopath" and a "wolf in sheep's clothing." Other friends reportedly confronted Gibson and leaked details of her 'illness' to the media.

10. Gibson says she was planning to admit the truth before she was exposed.


She says she started having doubts about her diagnosis in 2009.

"I've been really upset about it because it now looks like we are on the defence," she tells the Weekly.

11. The Weekly just isn't sure about Belle Gibson.

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In a separate article journalist Clair Weaver says Gibson is 'hard to measure' and refuses to explain much of her story.

The Weekly also says it tried to contact many of Gibson's friends, family and associates but had trouble verifying many of the details of her story.