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A Tall, Scary Clown Terrifying Commuters Is Probably A 14-Year-Old Boy

"It was like a horror movie!"

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A tall, scary, menacing clown has been seen creeping out commuters on Melbourne's trains.

Who is IT? @VLine #clown terrifies caller Karen: "Like a horror movie!" Listen: #Faine

"It's like a horror movie!" caller Karen told ABC 774.

"I was taking the train down to Southern Cross to have lunch with a girlfriend down there, I sat back expecting the usual relaxing trip, put my ear pods in, I usually doze a little bit," she told the ABC's Jon Faine.

"He slowly walked along the aisle until he got to the driver's door, stood, stopped, turned around and just watched all of us, stared us all down, everybody in the carriage," she said.

But it turns out there's probably a simple explanation.

A second caller, claiming to be the clown's father, explained that the creepy clown is just a 14-year-old boy attending a circus school.

"He goes to NICA [the National Institute of Circus Arts] over in Prahran and does circus arts, and on the weekends he's working on his different clown personas and costumes," Andrew told the ABC.

"He's six-foot-three... but he's only 14 so he's probably not quite aware of the impact it may have on other people."

"I think that his teacher will be having some words with him, and I know we will as well," Andrew said regarding his son's decision to wear the mask on public transport.

And so no, there's no creepy killer clown. Just a kid pursuing his dream at clown college.

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