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17 Things Only Gay Sports Fans Will Understand

The struggle is as real as the thirst.

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1. So you finally came out.

2. And someone, probably a parent, is like, "But you like sports."

3. And at least one gay friend will be like, "Ugh, sportsball."

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4. "I hate sportsball," they will say.

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5. And so you'll have to show them the way.

6. Because there are heaps of reasons for gay dudes to like sports.

7. Like, heaps.

8. By which we mean the athleticism.


9. And the camaraderie.

Remember the Titans / Buena Vista

10. And the sheer majesty.

11. And you've gotta hang out in the locker rooms tactics? I guess?

12. But sports is also a great place for euphemisms and double entendres.

13. All those balls and holes and goals etc.

14. And then after the game everyone hits the showers.

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15. And the next day there is a ~beach recovery session~.

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16. So by the time you've explained how much fun sport can be, they're all like...

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17. And pretty soon everyone realises that sport is just great, no matter why you watch it.

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