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Channel 9 Is Looking For An Unpaid Intern With 5 Years Experience

UPDATE: When reached by BuzzFeed News, a spokesperson said the job ad was human error.

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UPDATE: When reached by BuzzFeed News, a spokesperson said the role is a paid one and the "unpaid" salary had been added due to human error.

If you're a savvy young media professional looking to crack it in the big leagues, good news! Channel 9 has just advertised a new job opening.

It's all pretty standard stuff, the ad is seeking someone to "build video content and populate websites for key Channel 9 programs including TODAY, Married at First Sight and Travel Guides" and to "directly manage video content and execution from end to end working with show producers."

There are the usual pre-requisites. A basic ability to read and write and to use programs like Word. You'll also need to have an "inquiring, curious nature". But hold up, what's that last one?

So you need to have five years experience. Ok, that's not so unusual. How much does a gig like this pay, we hear you ask? Nothing. Zero. Nada. Bupkis.

Under the Fair Work Act, unpaid internships are legal, but only if the intern isn't in an "employment relationship" with the business. A person is considered to be in an employment relationship based on things like the hours worked, tasks performed and who is getting the most benefit from the relationship.

Unpaid internships are also legal if they are part of a person's vocational education (i.e. a university or school placement). So any successful applicant will need to still be studying, but also have five years' experience in the industry.

Here's some info on unpaid internships, and when they're legal, from the Fair Work website.

BuzzFeed News has contacted Channel 9 for comment, but was told no one would answer their phones on a Sunday.

UPDATE: A Nine spokesperson now says the "unpaid" salary had been added due to human error.

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