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    Richie Benaud's Call Of The Century

    "He's got absolutely no idea."

    Former Australian captain and cricket commentary legend Richie Benaud passed away this morning, aged 84.

    Tom Shaw / Getty Images

    Out of the thousands of great calls from the voice of our summer, one stands out as his greatest.

    It was day two of the third Test at Lords in 1993, and in his first ball in an Ashes Test, Shane Warne produced a spectacular leg break to Mike Gatting who took a huge swing and missed before the ball travelled on to the stumps. Gatting had no idea what happened and the delivery became known as the Ball of the Century. What made it even better was Richie Benaud's call.

    "Absolutely no idea"

    View this video on YouTube / Via YouTube

    We'll miss ya Richie

    Tom Shaw / Getty Images

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