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    These Men On Grindr Have Some Feelings About The Budget

    Jobs and ~growth~. Y'know what I mean ;) ;) ;)

    It's Budget time. Treasurer Scott Morrison's plan for "jobs and growth" included tax cuts for business and higher earners, a youth unemployment plan and a hipster tax.

    So we decided to quiz guys on Grindr to see if any of it sunk in with the man on the street.

    1. This guy took the "growth" part of "jobs and growth" very seriously.

    2. This guy was not a fan.

    3. This guy also latched onto the theme of growth.

    4. This guy wasn't paying attention.

    5. Same with this guy.

    6. But this guy just loved it.

    7. And he really loves prime minister Malcolm Turnbull.

    8. This guy had some real opinions about political hotness.

    9. And this guy is more of an Abbott fan.

    10. This guy had one thing on his mind and it wasn't the budget. (NSA means No Strings Attached)

    11. This guy is not a fan of the government.

    12. This guy wants some political dirty talk.

    13. This guy just does not give a shit.

    14. This guy has some ~interesting~ opinions, but also knew his limits.

    15. This guy refuses to play Canberra insider games.

    16. This guy thought I was a robot.

    17. This guy was switched on.

    18. But this young fellow is not at all engaged with the political process.

    19. And this guy, well...