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    Peta Credlin Really Doesn't Want You To See These Photos

    The prime minister's chief of staff allegedly demanded that photographs be deleted.

    Prime minister Tony Abbott's chief of staff Peta Credlin has reportedly demanded that a photographer delete photos of her.

    Tracey Nearmy / AAPIMAGE

    AAP reports that Credlin angrily approached one of their photographers, Tracey Nearmy, as she was taking photos of Credlin at the Endeavour Hills police station in Melbourne.

    "I want the photographs deleted," Credlin, who was at the station for a prime ministerial media event, allegedly demanded of Nearmy, AAP reports.

    Nearmy had taken video footage and still images of the PM's controversial chief of staff before Credlin made the "robust" request that the images be deleted.

    Credlin reportedly told Ms Nearmy that photos were not to be taken outside of the designated media room.

    "I'm in a secure area. This is a secure environment. I want the photographs deleted," footage shows Credlin saying.

    "This is a police area. I was deliberately not in that room because that was the media room."

    Credlin has repeatedly come under fire for her "command and control" style as Abbott's chief of staff.

    Tracey Nearmy / AAPIMAGE

    Several senior Liberals have expressed dissatisfaction with the way the prime minister's office is run, with allegations of micromanagement and the "control freak" nature of the PM's chief of staff.

    Anger at the prime minister's office was a key factor in the February uprising that saw 39 Liberals vote to spill Mr Abbott's position as leader.

    For several months following the attempted spill, Credlin remained largely out os sight, avoiding media appearances and staying out of cabinet meetings.

    In recent weeks she has returned to the prime minister's advisors box in question time.

    The prime minister's office has been contacted for comment.

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