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Netflix Has Revealed Which ISP Has The Slowest Service

Also: Australia's internet just isn't very fast.

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Netflix has confirmed what we all knew: Our internet is slower since they came to town.

Charles Krupa / AP

The US-based streaming service today included Australia and New Zealand for the first time on its monthly list of average internet speeds and the results are telling.

In a release overnight, Netflix admitted demand had exceeded expectations since its official Australian launch in March, and that this demand was impacting internet speeds for several ISPs.

"We are working closely with these ISPs and expect performance to improve in the coming months," Netflix said.

The list also revealed average download speeds during peak periods.

TPG came out on top with an average speed of 3.36 megabits per second (Mbps).

Optus and iiNet came in second and third respectively. Netflix struck a deal with those two ISPs before opening in Australia, giving customers uncapped downloads of Netflix streams. Netflix now says it regrets that deal.

Surprisingly, Telstra came in last place behind Primus, Exetel and Dodo, with an average speed of just 2.29 Mbps. This is likely a reflection on the huge demand suddenly being placed on Australia's largest ISP.

The list also revealed where Australia ranks in terms of global internet speeds. Hint: It's low.

Australia ranks 18th out of 29 countries globally, behind New Zealand at 14. (We are that little grey dot just above that other little grey dot.)

Perhaps the new Netflix tax can be used to speed things up a bit.