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Karl Stefanovic Promised To Do A Nudie Run And He Followed Through

We're impressed, Karl.

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Yesterday, everyone's favourite breakfast television host, Today's Karl Stefanovic, promised to get naked if Michael Clarke didn't score a century in the third Ashes test.

If clarkey doesn't get a hundred I'm gear off on the show tomorrow. Woohoo. Positives for everyone. What

He even had the backing of his boss and Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Nine boss David Gyngell just rang and said he's rung @TurnbullMalcolm and we are good to go. I'm off for a run.

Here's proof.

Just so you know I'm not joking. This text from Gynge.


And our Karlos is a man of his word.

"When I make a commitment... I make a point of following through." @karlstefanovic will be running nude this morning #Today9

The people wanted it.

Well @karlstefanovic... Have YOUR say: #Today9

Good on ta Karl! @karlstefanovic @TheTodayShow

@TheTodayShow and that's why I wake up with Today 😂😂😂 you are cray cray @karlstefanovic


There was even pressure from his co-hosts.

Karl, always talk to the weatherman before doing a nudie run! Talk about a cold front! @TheTodayShow

And Karl wasn't going to let his thirsty fans down.

It's official... @karlstefanovic is sticking to his word and getting naked! #Today9

AND HE DID IT. (But covered his middle stump with a modesty cricket ball)

HE DID IT! NUDIE RUN!!! @karlstefanovic #Today9